About Axiom

Axiom is a no-nonsense full-service production agency that advises, organizes and produces projects with a temporary nature.

What started with the love for supporting (dance) events and festivals over a decade ago, has grown to become a reliable, experienced partner that is passionate about creating unforgettable projects. From technical or operational advice to fully organizing your event from A to Z – Axiom offers a broad variety of tailor made solutions for every situation. Whether you are looking for support in organizing an event for 100.000 or ‘just’ 100 visitors – we are seriously dedicated to delivering the best possible service for every single project. Yes, project – because over the years, our horizon has extended far beyond just the ‘traditional’ events. We offer viable solutions in a no-nonsense way. What we offer is what we deliver and you see is what you get. That’s the way we roll.  

More information

Every project asks for a different solution. We have all in-house experience that is neccessary in producing an event from A to Z. Whether you are looking for a supportive partner, a sparring partner or a full production partner – we’ve got your back. Our team is happy to help! Technical production, logistics management, site production, concept creation, safety management and purchase management are just a few of the countless solutions we offer. Are you interested in how we could help you? Feel free to contact us anytime!