Rammstein Groningen – 2023

We work continuously on the many projects of Greenhouse Talent, but we certainly join the table for the largest and most challenging projects. For example, we started researching and designing the beautiful location in the Groningen city park more than 1.5 years ago. The German rock band Rammstein came to the Netherlands for the third year and with their 110.000 fans they set the trotting track on fire. In the role as project/production manager, we work closely with the organization, and you can see us as an extension of our client. In addition to the overall preparation, purchasing, planning and coordination of the executive production, we as a production company occupy the necessary functions for both on-and off-site activities.

We are already busy with a number of projects for 2024, but for now we would like to thank the Greenhouse Talent team for the confidence they have placed, all suppliers and, last but not least, our team in preparation and implementation!