Thunderdome XXX – 2022

Thirty years, an anniversary, that must be celebrated…

The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, December 10th 2022, with more than 50,000 visitors in the 10 enormous halls on the ground floor, hosted this enormous event, the largest indoor event in Europe. And just like the 25th anniversary edition in 2017, Axiom was responsible for the technical production, commissioned by B2S and Art of Dance. In the preceding months and in close collaboration with Gérard Zwijnenburg, we translated the various wishes and ideas into technically feasible areas, but also the entrance, various food and beverage areas, the merchandise sales booth and location lighting got our full attention, for an event of this size these are not to be underestimated parts.

On to the next edition, what an honor, this 30th anniversary.

Thanks to all parties involved!